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Reliable Commercial cleaning professionals serving Florida.
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Capability statement

Two Angels and a Sweeper LLC 

We provide Janitorial Supplies and Services to Commercial and Governmental Clients in the State of Florida.​

What makes us unique and our special talents!

  1. We trademark an improved indoor air quality to all the offices we clean. We significantly reduce the musty and dusty and save our Clients Money!

  2. The Signature Scent we create is a clean linen smell that is fresh as an Angel's Wings. It is not chemically or overpowering. Instead, it is very pleasing and comfortable.

  3. Our Specialty is our ability to be adaptable because we routinely are learning more about how to provide our customers with the best. We deeply research our products which allows us to give our clients the amazing results.

  4. Our Commercial Cleaners are professional, uniformed, and helpful.

  5. We are especially talented in removing stains from floors, porcelain fixtures, stainless steal, and kitchen cooking ovens beyond what other services can provide for a deep clean.

  6. We have security clearances to handle special documents with care following all paper shredding and legal security to keep your information safe.

  7.  Lastly, is our commitment is versatility and dependability.


                                                      PAST PERFORMANCE

                                         The First Client was an Office Building in 1993. 

            Since that date we have had hundreds of Clients in Residential and Commercial.

                               We are Committed to our Expertise of Commercial Buildings.



                                               OUR MISSION STATEMENT

                              Small Business and a Woman Owned Sole Proprietorship.

We provide Services to Churches, Schools, Local and State-wide Government to save them Money with our Affordable Rates.    Nsaic Codes  :

                                                            561720 Janitorial Services 

                                                            459999  Janitorial equipment and supplies stores

              Commitment - We are committed to professionalism, responsiveness,                    developing relationships that reflect our high standards.

               Excellence -  We are bound by our excellence. If you are going to do it;      consistently strive for excellence.  We meat the specific needs of every client   independently.

               Integrity - We operate our business openly and honestly. We uphold all Osha requirements and guidelines.  We are proud supporters of The United States Veterans. Our family has a history of Military Service in the Civil War, Korean War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the Gulf War.


                                                Unique Entity ID: NBBKX62GFAZ3

                                                       CAGE/NCAGE: 8NJT5


                                                               (352) 600-9615

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