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Years in Business

About us

Two Angels and a Sweeper LLC was started after the owner was involved in a serious accident that caused her to be unable to walk for a full year. During this time of recovery, it occurred that many others like herself were unable to the do the cleaning of their homes. The cleaning and care of those amazing customers is what made me fall in love with cleaning. The first idea was provide excellent customer service to help those that needed us during recovery. Helping families that needed us so they could spend there time doing the fun things.  That was successful beyond our expectations.

This grew into a much larger picture of transforming apartments and homes into a new clean space to rent or move into to. Attention to detail and using aroma therapy. We got those homes on contract with 24 hours! We became specialists in real estate cleans.

The real estate turned into a Commercial business when the Title Insurance companies began using our services. We are reliable and we establish trust with our clients. Customer Service is our number 1 priority. We like to make a difference and we provide excellence and trust in everything we do!

Our Clients have our Guarantee!

Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

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